At the moment, there are two downhill tracks in the bike park and one trail for more relaxing skiing:

“Black” Downhill Track, with a length of 3200 m, with a height difference of 500 m, which combines all the elements of the modern Downhill (steep slopes, sharp turns, long spans and a maximum of natural terrain).

Freeride Track, with a length of 2700 m, with a height difference of 400 m, where you can get a little exercise and enjoy the ride.

Enduro tracks – where cyclists can do their best, who ride well, but do not consider themselves to be professionals.

Warning!!! The Downhill and Freeride tracks are routes for professionals. Riding on these tracks requires the availability of appropriate bicycles (rolling bikes for these tracks are not suitable), equipment and training. If you are just riding a bike well, but have never ridden the mount-bike professionally, the existing tracks may be too difficult for you, and even dangerous. At the moment, the best opportunities for easier riding are on the Enduro tracks or on a plateau on top of  Vysokyi Verkh Mountain.

Prices for a chair lift for bicycles

Ticket type

except for holidays
and also holidays
1 trip ticket 250 250
Bike ticket – one day  550  600
Bike ticket – two days  900  950
Discounted ticket for participants in hostilities and anti-terrorist operation 150 150


Each third chair of the chair lift is equipped with bicycle anchors.

* Bike ticket gives you the right to an unlimited number of bike rides during the day.