Safety rules

Mountain skiing and snowboarding, like any other active sports, are risky. To minimize the risk of skiing, Ski Piste Rules have been developed. Remember – when skiing or snowboarding, you automatically fall under these Rules, regardless of whether you are familiar with them or not.

  • The rate of descent and maneuvering on the ski slope must be consistent with the physical and technical training of the skier. It is very important for everyone to control their rate according to the steep of the slope, weather conditions and the presence of obstacles, so as not to endanger the others on the slope.
  • Stay on the ski slopes in the state of alcohol, narcotic or toxic intoxication is strictly forbidden!
  • By pass people down the road or moving slowly should be at least 5 meters away, in advance warning of your actions loudly. The skier moving on the right should be passed by from the left and vice versa.
  • Moving down the slope, you need to choose the direction of movement so that people who are ahead are confident in their safety. Remember that during a collision, one who is above the slope and who controls the situation is always guilty of the collision.
  • If you get around when you are not moving, stay on the spot, if you are moving - do not change the direction of movement.
  • • Before crossing the slope, make sure that nobody descends from the top. When crossing a slope, control the upper part of it.
  • It is prohibited to cut down skiers and snowboarders, as this may result in injury to the latter.
  • Do not stop at the narrow sections of the trails and those stages that are poorly seen, on the curves and in the hills because those who move on the slope do not see you.
  • After the fall, you should quickly and promptly clear the track, shifting to the edge of the slope.
  • It is extremely important to strictly follow the requirements of the signs of restrictions, rules of operation of the cable car and drag lifts, as well as comply with the instructions of rescue service personnel.
  • It is prohibited to cross the lanes of the drag lifts!
  • Becoming a witness or participant in an accident, you should quickly assist the injured. To do this, immediately contact the rescue service personnel or the regular staff of the ropeway and ski lifts.
  • Persons who violate these rules, thus creating inconvenience or danger to ski for the other guests, may be subject to measures of influence prescribed by applicable law.